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To ensure the coherence of the scientific work and the linkage with the actors of the territory, the ZABrI has been equipped with a Steering Committee (COPIL) which is its only governance body.

This committee is made up of two coordinators, the leaders of the scientific themes and transversal axes and representatives of the University, the IUEM, the OSU, the EUR ISblue (2019-2028, a university research school focused on marine sustainability), the parks and nature reserves, the catchment area managers and Océanopolis. The mission of this committee is to define the scientific strategy and the allocation of resources, to contribute to the emergence of structuring projects, as well as to organise important scientific events, during quarterly meetings. Our ambitions are geared towards a real co-construction of research projects with the actors of the territory, notably by involving them in the animation of the ZABrI's themes. Thus, the stakeholders are involved in the animation of the four themes and the three transversal axes.

The organisation of the ZABrI annual dayThe project, which is based on a "research and development" approach, during which the voice of local stakeholders is widely heard, in particular professional groups (fishing, aquaculture, tourism, agriculture, etc.) and local authorities, leads to the co-construction of research questions.

Organization chart