The Zone Atelier Brest Iroise

© E. Amice, CNRS

In a nutshell

The Brest Iroise Workshop Area is a scientific project supported by the CNRS Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE) which focuses on the coastal socio-ecosystem of the Iroise Seaof the Brest harbour and its watersheds. Its perimeter extends over 6700 km², 2/3 of which are located at sea. It brings together a group of researchers from different universities, institutes (Ifremer) and research laboratories working on current environmental issues along the land-sea continuum. It also involves a large number of non-academic partners: protected areas, local authorities, associations, professional groups, watershed managers and scientific mediation players.

ZABrI's research is based on a perspective of integrated managementof sustainable development and transformation. The work combines environmental sciences with human and social sciences. The conditions for the appropriation of knowledge by non-scientists and the sharing of scientific knowledge with the distribution of all knowledge in the various sectors of society represent an essential objective of this Workshop Zone.

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