Séries d’observation

© E. Amice, CNRS

The issues dealt with in the ZABrI are monitored in several ways. Lhe series from data produced are labelled within the Infrastructure for research ILICO (SNO Dynalit, Somlit, Phytobs, Benthobs, Coast-HF). The production and management of these data is one of the important tasks of l'IUEM in the framework of the Marine Observatory. Lhe ZABrI contributes to this effort through the financing of instrumental devices and the provision of tools dedicated to the archiving and dissemination of data. The ZABrI territory also has participatory observation systems such as Ecoflux (on water quality) and Objectif Plancton (on phyto- and the zoo-plankton, coordinated by Oceanopolis).

Location of observation devices within the ZABrI perimeter