Transverse axis

Axe 3 : Scientific communication and mediation

© E. Amice, CNRS

Main objective

This axis is intended for "internal" and "external" communication and aims (i) to facilitate communication within the ZABrI, (ii) to participate in scientific culture or mediation events, (iii) to develop innovative mediation tools. As scientific, technical and industrial culture is a major societal issue, ZABrI's work contributes to developing everyone's taste for scientific culture and aims to enlighten citizens on the issues surrounding socio-ecosystems.


Tools for sharing information have been developed internally (mailing lists, website, shared documents) to facilitate information exchange. The production of a bi-annual newsletter (January and July) to provide a short summary of the various actions of the themes is also planned.

To date, ZABrI's work is systematically promoted at various events such as

  • the European Researchers' Night which invites citizens to share an evening with researchers in hundreds of cities across Europe, including 14 in the UK. Locally, nearly 200 researchers and doctoral students and 5,000 visitors are welcomed during the evening in the scenographic spaces ofOceanopolis.
  • the Fête De la Science during which exhibitions, debates and inventive and fun initiatives are offered to all audiences.
  • conferences and round tables for the general public, decision-makers, professionals and schoolchildren (Young Art Reporters, Environmental Sciences, educational areas, [ECO]advisors on the Ocean).

The content of the ZABrI is also disseminated to as many people as possible by means of innovative mediation devices and tools. In 2022, the "Evol'Iroise" project (Evolution of the Iroise region since the end of the last ice age) was born from the work of theme 4 of the ZABrI. It is a scientific, digital and interactive 55" poster. This touch screen presents enriched information (texts, maps, graphs, images, videos, animations), thus constituting a stimulating educational experience for both scientific culture events and school-university training. Designed to host several scenarios fed by the actors of the ZABrI themes and the students of the Master's degree in Marine and Coastal Sciences (in the framework of transversal modules).


  • A. Penaud (Geo-Ocean)
  • C. Liret (Océanopolis)
  • T. Hatin (Océanopolis)
  • P. Nicol (70.8)