Scientific culture

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Within the Brest basin, IUEM is at the heart of an ecosystem of research in marine and coastal sciences and is developing innovative collaborations with its partners. In order to make their research work known to the general public and to offer a new tool to students, IUEM has devised the "Ocean'Touch" device. This interactive visualization device is already used and will continue to be used in the future to illustrate the research work carried out in the Brest roadstead and the Iroise Islands. The "Ocean'Touch" device is a digital and interactive scientific poster based on web technologies. It is a 55" touch screen (approx. 70X120 cm in portrait format) which should present the user with enhanced scientific information. The device must free the user from the constraints inherent in paper posters (fixed content in a limited space) and offer the user a variety of content (text, maps, graphs, images, 3D models, videos, sounds and animations) and a stimulating educational experience. Ocean'Touch is an innovative tool for scientific mediation and a unique teaching aid. The scientific themes are and will be treated/enriched through a content formatted and elaborated to be understandable by the greatest number of people, while offering the user different levels of detail in the narration, so we will speak of scenarios. "Evol'Iroise" is a scenario resulting from the research work of ZABrI theme 4 which was presented for the first time at the Fête de la Science in October 2022.